We are SO EXCITED for the premiere of “Vivaldi Matrix!”

It will be a virtual online event on Thursday, May 27 at 7:30PM ET. That would be 4:30PM PT and 5:30PM MT for those on the west coast.

I feel like we can all relate to how awkward it can be to have to “talk about” anything super personal in a public setting. In my case, because music is essentially my life, it’s sometimes not always something I know how to put into words, especially when it’s music I’ve created or written. But, what I found is really key is to take “the self” out of the equation -- in other words, remove the ego. That is a whole conversation we can totally have during a happy hour some time. LOLZ

In the case of “Vivaldi Matrix,” it took some effort coaxing the description out of Andrew. But, Christine stepped up and got it going. Here’s what we came up with:

“Sometimes when I drift off to sleep I will imagine a simple piano line that plays over & over in my head. One such night, I dreamt of an electric violin riffing over my piano line piercing through with a strangely beautiful sound. This dream  became the inspiration for my composition of “Vivaldi Matrix.” 
- Andrew John

Vivaldi Matrix unfolds with a simple, unchanging melody in the piano which sustains throughout while the violin floats above, embellishing ornamentation in a Baroque style. Beginning in a minor key, the cello builds harmonic motion with soft percussive pizzicatos and driving rhythmic sequences. The three instruments play in simple harmony, elaborating further variations on the theme until arriving in a triumphant major key, evoking a surge of rejuvenated energy.

Vivaldi Matrix was filmed on an Autumn Day on a rooftop in Brooklyn overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

This is only a brief take on the song itself. There is so much more to say on the actual “making of” the video, such as finding the perfect rooftop in NYC for example. We were super lucky and so grateful to our friend, Ralf who made that possible. You will see what a rare and special place this rooftop is with the magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline.

We started setting up and shooting early that fall morning of 2015 well into the sunset.. I believe Russ and Andrew flew in the night before. Christine and I woke up at the crack of dawn to gather our gear and get our makeup done at a Sephora located in lower Manhattan. The makeup artist there was sooooo good. Our friend Soyeon Kim was our amazing stylist who did our hair and outfitted us. Oh, that gorgeous gold skirt Christine is wearing is hers btw!

It was chilly and we pretty much had goosebumps all day. But, it was thrilling to be filming on this rooftop with Russ, drones flying above, cameras from all angles! Seriously. It’s mind-blowing to watch the video and wonder how in the world Russ was able to capture all of these moments in the course of one day, working with ALL NATURAL light. Check out his website here. Right???

All of the violin and cello tracks were recorded at Spin Recording Studios by Roy Hendrickson, later mixed by Brian Losch and mastered by Chris Graham. Live drums were added by Achille Raspantini, session lead by Rich Mercurio.

So, if you haven’t already, I hope this has enticed you just enough to sign up for the premiere of “Vivaldi Matrix,” coming this Thursday, May 20:

You can watch the premiere straight on Youtube (click here for info) or straight from our website here!

See you soon!