Vivaldi Matrix


“Sometimes when I drift off to sleep I will imagine a simple piano line that plays over & over in my head. One such night, I dreamt of an electric violin riffing over my piano line piercing through with a strangely beautiful sound. This dream  became the inspiration for my composition of “Vivaldi Matrix.” 

- Andrew John

Vivaldi Matrix unfolds with a simple, unchanging melody in the piano which sustains throughout while the violin floats above, embellishing ornamentation in a Baroque style. Beginning in a minor key, the cello builds harmonic motion with soft percussive pizzicatos and driving rhythmic sequences. The three instruments play in simple harmony, elaborating further variations on the theme until arriving in a triumphant major key, evoking a surge of rejuvenated energy.

Vivaldi Matrix was filmed on an Autumn Day on a rooftop in Brooklyn overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

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