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This song began as just a feeling; it was a quiet Saturday, early morning (typically when I compose best), and the day was grey and rainy.  I was in the mood for something soothing but with a driving beat.  I began playing a simple two note combination in the lower range of the piano, and I was surprised to find it had a satisfying appeal to it in its simplicity.  I kept the two note combination going through a very simple chord progression, and then began to overlay a melody.  The melody for the chorus seemed to write itself as there were really no alternatives in my mind as I played through it.  The composition ended up being framed within about two hours on the piano, however it took more time to determine the final arrangement for the three instruments, as there were a few interesting directions available here.

We decided upon the piano beginning the low rhythm with the violin playing sustained notes over top during the opening verse.  The cello then makes a pronounced entrance at the first chorus to carry the main melody.  We then switch it up at verse two with the violin bringing the rhythm, and the cello playing the sustained notes whereby this combination then reverses at the second chorus. 

We then enter a transitional sequence aimed at providing a break from the rhythm, and the violin and piano carry the main melody together, countered by the cello.  After keeping the cello mainly in the bass clef throughout this section, it is then ready to break out into a new melody performed in the alto clef for the next segment.  The violin and piano provide support here until the music crescendos into a climax and brings everyone together playing in unison.

We then start over with the same sequence as at the beginning, but in a new key.  The instruments build with each other through the verse and chorus, and then crescendo in a chorus repeat to bring full resolution to the song.

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